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Men: Learn How To Break Through Your Expectations and Drop Your Baggage in Just 7 Days! 

Are You Ready to Become Remarkably Happier and take back control of your emotions?

  • Learn how you influence your emotions and what unhelpful patterns of thinking you bring to your upset

  • Learn how by overgeneralising between your successes, and yourself you are making life more difficult

  • Learn how to challenge your way of thinking with 3 simple questions to overcome any upset, stress or anxiety

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    Hundreds of Men Just like you have worked with Craig and are thriving, now its your turn. We Begin the Challenge on October 16th









    Discover how to break through unhelpful patterns of thinking and live a better life

    In this FREE 7-Day Challenge, I share with you the tried and true techniques for transforming your mental health and dramatically increasing your happiness. How to overcome what is holding you back and become a better version of yourself. 

    • Day 1: Get Clear About Your Outcome  

    • Day 2: Understand How You Contribute To Your Upset

    • Day 3: Learn to Accept Yourself Unconditionally

    • Day 4: Identify Your Triggers and Consequences

    • Day 5: Define Your Beliefs and How They Manifest

    • Day 6: Challenge Your Beliefs That Cause Your Upset

    • Day 7: Develop a Reality Based Perspective

    Check Out Some of Our Success Stories

    '...the professionalism, structure and content of the challenge were fantastic. Craig utilises his own experiences and insights using experiences and insights for the benefit of others...'

    Michael Gencher

    Managing Director String& 2 Cans

    '...by providing a diverse perspective and insight both personal and practical to the challenges participants were facing, even seasoned professionals could benefit from the learnings that Craig provides'

    Michael Lane

    Board Member at SR3 

    'It helped me with my mindset, knowing when things weren't right.  Helping me to deal with things a little bit easier. It strengthened my mind, and enabled me to think through things with greater clarity...'

    Matt Reid

    Maintenance Shift Manager

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